Hello, my name is Angela

   I'm from Gulfport MS, but born in New Orleans. I love to play sports, camp out and BBQ.
    I'm a very down to earth, real person, who loves to make friends. I'm very open and honest and if you have any questions just ask and I will answer them.
   I would like a friend to write. Friendship is important and hopefully it would lead to more once we get to know each other. Are you the one I can lean on to help me through this difficult time? If so please don't hesitate to write me. I promise I will write you back.
   It gets so very lonely in here. There is nothing I would like more than to hear my name at mail call. A letter from YOU !
   Keep it real and God bless.

       Angel Angela
I have been moved again from Gulfport to:
Angela Warfield R3672
60 Stokes King Dr
Greenville MS 38701

expires 3/3/2014
 I have an email account now.
My email address is :
angela (at) captiveangels (dot com)
I write it that way because it keeps email robots from scanning for my email address.
I do not have internet access, but if you prefer email to writing letters, then Captive Angels will copy, print out, and forward the email messages  to me. This takes about a minute so be patient.