April Burke

  Please take a minute to read this ok? It's important.
When writing me, please do not mention this pen pal web site. Don't mention Pen Pal at all ! In fact in the first letter, don't describe yourself like you were a pen pal. This is the number one reason that letters get returned. The FL DOC, does not permit solicitation of pen pals and we could get sanctioned for participating, and no one wants that. Just write a simple, personal letter and we will get to know each other that way. Thank you very much.

    I'm 42, 5'6", 138 lbs.
    I love confidence and charm, with just enough of the 'Bad Boy' image, but NOT the bad boy attitude.
   Physically; I love a nice chest. I'm love to cuddle,   So if I can picture myself snuggling up next to you, that would be very nice.
   I enjoy the outdoors and animals. I love water, bike rides, going out to dinner and romance and sharing a smile.

   I hope to receive a letter from you soon.
        Angel April   

   I eagerly await your letters, but I do have an e-mail address.
April@captiveangels (dot) com.
Here is how the e-mail works. Captive Angels will collect e-mail messages and forward them to me periodically, maybe once a week. If you are in a hurry, a regular letter is faster. (and more personal)
I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS, I cannot e-mail you back, so please remember to give me your full mailing address so that I can write you back. Even in an e-mail, please don't mention pen pal business. Anything related to those words will be edited out, by Captive Angels.
USA only please.

I'm waiting for your message !

April Burke T09409
Gadsden C.F.   MTC
6044 Greensboro Hwy
Quincy Florida 32351
expires 9-13-2014