~ Carrie Giannone ~
   Hi ! I am looking for a friend to correspond with in hopes of finding a connection, whether it be friendship, love, or maybe even a long term relationship.

I'm single and white / Italian,  5' 8", 160 lbs. with brown hair, light brown eyes.
   I have a lot of love to share.  I do not judge - looks, race or age does not matter, it's what's in your heart that matters to me.

   I love to write, swim, and listen to music. My passion is photography. I would love to get to know new people and maybe make someone happy. I hope to hear from you soon.

Carrie Giannone 159037
374 New Bethel Rd.
Fredonia KY 42411
expires 8/15/2014

I have free e-mail too. My e-mail address is
carrie@captiveangels (dot) com.
Here is how e-mail works;
I do not have Internet access. So captive Angels prints out messages and mails them to me, periodically (maybe once a week). Keep it clean and straight because the e-mail's are censored by the DOC just like letters. Text only e-mails please and
please remember to give me your full mailing address so that I can write you back.
NOTE; If you are out of country (USA) there is no way I can calculate how much postage it would take to write you and I surely do not have access to the post office. So please .... USA only.