Heather Johnson 202011
374 New Bethel Rd
Fredonia KY 42411

"Young and Lonely"

"Young and Lonely"
I am searching for my soul mate. I can feel you out there somewhere.
         Ever read a book you can't put down? I have a story to tell. I am a
   compassionate listener with a free-loving spirit. I am in need of someone to share
   it with, along with someone to lean on. I am wise beyond my years, and a rich
   sense of life.
         Regarding my freedom... shortly I will be turning the page.
         Could YOU be my final chapter?

Angel Heather


Kimberly Wilson 100821
Po Box 88550
Pearl MS 39288

"I'mlooking for someone to talk to"

Age 43, brown hair, blue eyes - 5'3" , 149 lbs
"I would like mail from men please"

       Just because I'm in prison doesn't make me a    
   bad person-, i've just done a lot of bad things ....
    If that  makes any sense.

      I'm just looking for someone to talk to & who
   knows where this may go!

     Take an adventure and accompany me. You
   may just enjoy the ride.

   I hope to hear from you soon.

    Angel Kimberly  
Lauren Hayes X 19086
CIW - MA 03 UP
Po Box 8100
Corona Ca 92878

"Why Not"

   "Try anything once!" and what better motto is there to live by. I'm looking for a pen pal, friend, and really some company given my circumstances. If you want to get to know someone who loves to laugh, is loyal and genuine, your search is now over. I enjoy the outdoors, nights on the town or just getting dirty backpacking and camping.
   At age 31, I', 5'9", blue-green eyed blond with a small (130 lb) runners limber atheletic build that is well diciplined and during the summer months ... golden brown
   The outside confidence starts within; my high spirited nature hold a passion rarely found especially here. Though incarcerated, I am still motivated to help others and am ambitiously continuing to do so for my community through self-help.





Krystal Teston #126684
60 Stokes King Rd
Greenville MS 38701

"Looking for a gentleman to write"
         My name is Krystal and I have had no
    visits because I am not from the area.
   it would be great to have a pen pal.... So I
    am looking for a gentleman to write to.
   One who is loving, funny and has a heart
   for Jesus.

  I pray that God will send me someone
   special through this ministry.

             I am sorry about the quality of the
    picture but it is the only one I have right
    now. Hopefully in the near future I will be
    able to update my personal and add a new
             Until then, God bless, and I pray I will
    hear from YOU real soon.

                                                   Angel Krystal

  Welcome to my web page. My name is Marilyn.  I am a country girl from West Virginia who enjoys cooking, cleaning and cuddling with my man on the couch while watching TV. I love being a housewife, working outdoors planting flowers and gardens, but I also like to go camping and fishing. I like sports, basketball and Nascar and I am willing to relocate.

   I am looking for someone to share my life with age 50 or  a little older because I am 55. Tall dark and handsome is what most people say, but the man I'd like to meet and know is created in a different way .... caring and gentle in all he does, but strong and bold for things that he loves.

   I'm so interested to find that someone special to share my life with, and I hope it can be you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Angel Marilyn

    Marilyn Benedict  194028 - WKCC Delta dorm 2-40-B - 374 New Bethel Rd - Fredonia KY 42411
     35 - 5'7" - Single - Blondish brown hair - Blue eyes

     Seeking a respectful person of any age or race in hopes of finding a new friend or maybe something more.
     I'm optimistic, open minded and a goal orriented person with a big heart and  a lot of love to give. I enjoy cooking, outdoors, sports, traveling and I also enjoy writing music and poems.  I'm a very loyal and honest friend and love adventure.
    If I sound interesting to you, please feel free to write.

                                         Angel Cori

CORI HANNER 179936 - WKCC B2-18 -

   I am a 33 year old mother of two loking for someone I can have a conversation with. I am an outgoing, funny, friendly God fearing woman who made a mistake and landed myself in prison. This is the first time I've been in trouble.
   I like everyone and I'm really a good person. Please don't judge me because of where I am. On the streets I love to camp, fish, hike and sit by a bonfire at night. I also enjoy traveling.
   I hope you're ready to have the best of time on paper, because i'm all about fun! I hope to hear from you soon.

                                                          Angel "Bink"

Tonya Moore 81737 - DCI / TI - 4104 Germantown Pk
Dayton Ohio 45418

My name is Krystle and i'm 22 years old, 5'4" - 169 pounds. I have hazel blue eyes and curlu brown hair. I am very outgoing and outspoken. I love all music and just love to have a good time.
   If you would like to know more feel free to write. I hope to hear from you soon.

"Always smile because you never know who is looking, and never take life for granted nor leave left unspoken in your heart"

Angel Krystle

Krystle Robinson 159130 - WCRCF D Pod Bed 189
60 Stokes King Rd - Greenville MS 38701

My name is Shaina and I'm 25 from Cincinnati Ohio. I am looking for a male friend that can help me through the rest of my time and to become friends and possibly more when I get released.
   I am cute, smart and have a good personality, so please don't be shy and write me. You won't be disappointed.

                                     Angel Shaina

Shaina Perkins # 81348 - DCI TI - 4104 Germantown Pike
Dayton Ohio 45417

My name is Katie LaRue. I'm 28 years old, single white female in search of my soul mate. Someone to call my own.
   I'm 5'9" and weigh 160 pounds. I have long blonde hair and dark eyes. I enjoy keeping my body in shape by exercising daily. I'm a very outgoing and fun loving woman.   I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, boating, but most of all I enjoy long walks with that special someone holding hands.
   I'm looking for someone who will just be their self and just enjoy life's everyday obsticles, no matter what they may be. I am a woman ... my love is constant and unchanging. I'm very devoted and dedicated to the one I love.
    I'm looking for someone to be there all of the time, someone to call my own, could this be you ?

                                    Angel Katie

Katie LaRue 236040 - WKCC B2-2-52 -
 374 New Bethel Rd - Fredonia KY 42411
Outside of here I escape through meditation and prayer. I long to 4X4, scuba dive, snowboard and wear a backless halter top on a crowded dance floor. As a cusp-born Aries/Pieces I have the spunky fire of Aries in nature and artistic creativity of my water sign.
   I'm looking for someone with similair interest, and maybe even similiar experiences. I have about 2 1/2 years left to go and that is long enough to learn about you. I will reply to all whom write.

                                            Angel Lauren

I'm looking for some very special friendships/pen pals to communicate with during this unfortunate vacation I'm on, and hopefully upon my release. I'm not a bad person, just made some bad choices.
   I'm actually a very energetic, fun loving, sincere, dedicated and real woman. I am a true example of a down south white ghetto/country girl. I'm country all the way.
   I love the outdoors, horseback riding, hunting, fishing etc. , but at the same time I know how to get ghetto and roll with the best of them. So if this sounds like a person you think you would be interested in, then " holla at cha girl !!!"
                                        Angel Betty

Betty Crocker 169674
 WCRCF  F Pod Bed 254
 60 Stokes King Dr
Greenville MS 38701