Mary Patrick #67490
CMCF 2A-A Zone
Po Box 88550
Pearl MS 39288 - 8550

Age: 50  No Release Date  Marital Status: Single Ht/Wt _______ Hair/Eyes:  Black/brown
Sexual" Straight #Children ____    Children Away or Home ____   Faith: Christian     Mail From: Anyone

 I was a tutor/clerk for Taking Back My Life. as well as the  Our Life's Journey Program for several years here at C.M.C.F.  My charge is murder, for which I've been sentenced to life in prison. My name is Mary Patrick.

     I stayed bound in my body for several years in until I met my Lord and Savior, "Jesus Christ" who says that I am Somebody!  I was totally lost in my innocence of life and serving time for a crime which I and my Lord knows that I did not commit.  "Thank you Lord".  For 4 yrs. I asked myself this question (Who Am I), but didn't get an answer until 2001 when  I took the T.B.M.L. program and that was the first question I was asked.  I was like, "Whooo"! Yes! I said "Thank you Lord". I knew it was him!

    So when I started the class I was quiet for about 5 months then all I did was talk, talk, talk.  One girl here in my  building  said, "You have to let somebody else talk sometimes!"  And yes, she was right.  I had been in the class about 3 yrs, but as far as my religion goes, "I am a Child of God".  I had been for some time, but I just didn't know it.  I belong to the "Family of God".  I use to have negative thoughts about myself, until God sent an "Angel" and turned T.B.M.L. to O.L.J.  Now I have  positive feelings about myself as well as my life.  Control your attitude; because your attitude will show the world, who you really are.
    I have a new job now, working for Prison Industries. The pay is very little, and the hours are long, but I take pride in my job and I feel good about myself, because I am being productive. I also mentor some of my peers with the OLJ Program. Thank you Mr Ron and all of the OLJ Ministry Team for caring about us!

                    Mary Patrick
Brandy Norris 157162
Po Box 337
Pewee Valley KY 40056
" I'm open to meeting someone non-judgmental who has no limits as to where our relationship could go."

Age:  34- Rel Date Aprox:  2019   Marital Status:  Divorced    Ht/Wt 5'3"- 130      Hair/Eyes:  Blond/brown
Sexual:  Straight   Faith: Christian   Mail from: Anyone  "I am willing to relocate."

                                                Everyone makes mistakes and I've learned from
                                                mine. I'm excited about starting a new life, one free
                                               from the past, and overflowing with promises of an
                                                                 awesome future
                                        I'm educated, open minded, and ourgoing.   I love to have
                                         fun but I have a serious side. I'm looking for the kind of
                                         relationship where two people can watch the sunset together
                                         from a front porch swing,  never saying a word and get up
                                                         feeling completely fullfilled

                                      Angel Brandy



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  Silky golden locks and eyes as blue as the sea. Life isn't always perfect and sometimes we get thrown a curve ball, but I believe what matters the most is that we learn from our mistakes and are made better for them.

   I still believe in puppy love, sunsets and second chances. If you bellieve in those too - maybe we were written in the stars.

I hope to hear from you soon.

                 Angel  Lisa

Lisa Devine 131908 - WKCC D-2-68 - 374 New Bethel Rd - Fredonia Ky 42411
   My name is Hope nd my nickname is " Dionne". I have been in and out of the system for about 9 years now due to my surroundings.

   I was raisedthe right way, but I strayed away from my teaching. I got involved in so much, I didn't know how to return. But I'm on the right path now and I would like to share my ambitions and thoughts with whomever will be willing.

   I hope to hear from you soon

Angel Hope

Hope Moore L7488 - CMCF 2B A Zone - Po Box 88550 -
Pearl MS 39288

     I am a fun loving, beautiful woman who is looking for someone adventureous. I enjoy late nights, dancing, a good movie and just cuddling on the couch. I am very open-minded and like to try new things. I like to cook, read, and listen to music.
     I find myself in a lonely situation and looking for someone to get to know and possibly start a relationship with with. If this might be you, please write me.
 I can't wait to get to know you !

Angel Shannon

Shannon Tumey W081803 - DCI 1F2-116 -
 4104 Germantown Pike - Dayton Ohio 45417

   Hi, my name is Cristina and I'm a beautiful 28 year old female. I'm outgoing, honest, loyal and loving. I'm always willing to try new things.

   I have found myself in a temporary position of lonliness and would welcome your companionship. I would love for someone to to come and sweep me off my feet for a change. I'm looking for a kind, generous and understanding person to begin anew with. I'm willing to relocate and look forward to getting to know you. Hope you enjoy my pic !
Write soon ... i'll be waiting.

                                                     Angel Cristina

Cristina Wolf 70886 - ORW - 1479 Collins Ave - Marysville Oh 43040

   I'm a very spontaneous woman with a great sense of humor. I have a beautiful face to go with a beautiful smile. I'm very outspoken and love to have fun. I really like the outdoors, love to dance and I love to spend time with the family. I'm 5'5", 130 pounds, very fit and tone if you can imagine. I'm very energetic and love to laugh. The word positive describes me.
   I'm looking for someone who loves to have fun, hard working and all about family. I'm very easy to talk to. I love a great conversation. I'll be anxiously waiting.
                                  Angel Shells

Rashell Lilly
 (doc number not required at this facility)
380 Borax Dr.
Henderson KY 42420
expires 1/29/14


Hey ya'll ! I'm Cindy. I'm looking for a few friends to write and help pass my time here. I'm very big hearted and try to help those who need it. I'm a southern country gal at heart who likes simple things. I always look for the good in others.
   I enjoy contemporary Christian and country music, reading and dancing.
   If you want someone who will keep it real and keep in touch, I would welcome the chance to meet you.

                                                        Angel Cindy

expires 9/30/2014