Melinda " Paradise" Lavan

    My name is 'Paradise', I am interested in meeting new, good people.  I'm a very serious but fun loving person. I'm known for my "BIG Smile" and "BIG Heart"

    I've been down a while but the good part is, I'm almost home.  I am so excited and ready to live again.

    I enjoy traveling, working out, movies and other recreational activities. I love to go to church and give God what's his. I love comedy, laughter and cooking. I enjoy a night out on the town. I'm a very respectful, loving, caring person. I like to be happy and just enjoy life.

    Things go wrong so that I can appreciate them when they're right. Sometimes, good things fall apart, so that better things can fall together. So I am looking for that new fresh start. If you feel you're the one, then by all means feel free to write and ask whatever. I don't discriminate at all. Have a blessed day.


Melinda Lavan X14691
CIW  EA  401 low
Po Box 8100
Corona CA 92878


   I have email now. My email address is : melinda (at) captiveangels (dot) com
 I write it that way to keep automated internet spambots from gathering my addy.

Let me explain my email. Captive Angels collects messages periodically and forwards them to me as I DO NOT have internet access. When you email me, PLEASE PROVIDE your mailing address so that I can write you back. Thank you.