We have to divorce our past to have a new beginning. A Future

My Testimony
Of Life Without Parole

The suffering LWOP, is like all of a sudden not even knowing how it happened. We lost the remote control to the T.V. Screen called "Our Life", and when they put the chains and shackles on me…..I wanted to hold the remote control, but I wasn't in control. It's like a movie playing back of "My Nightmares at McDonalds", with my daughter Jessica who's 9 years old.

The D.A. ran to me to cuff me, my emotions, my body, my future and this made me feel incredibly confused and numb. When the confusion struck me, I felt desperate. The grave injustice took my life. I wasn't alive, I felt almost like I died and a part of me was dead.

The fast lane I was living took my life to a DEAD STOP. It's all been a powerful process with steps to get me to look over my situation and be on top by being the head, not the tail; to overcome my situation and become free from bondage that had me bound. I was living in the past not knowing the First Love of my life had a plan for my life to have a future of hope.

Now I know I'm on my honeymoon with my First Love, the Lover of my soul that has redeemed me. I am excited and I live in the victory. Every day I wake up and fall to my knees thanking God for waking me up and giving me breath and another day to live with the real Joy Giver with His perfect peace, the power of His love.

That is something to shout about. I praise Him and worship Him for who He is as The Great I Am. He stocked me for 42 years, thank God He never gave up on me 'cause I am not where I want to be yet, but I am on my way. Jesus hung on the cross for my hang ups, just so He could give me a new beginning; a new start in life with a future of hope.

This is my story for God's glory. I'll never be the same ever. My deepest desires are to serve Jesus and follow Him, keeping my eyes focused on Jesus.

By Suzy Mellen

Susan Marie Mellen
Susan Marie Mellen W74723
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